Tasha Benger

Organised Business Coordinator

This is a really exciting time to be involved with ExtraMile and I'm enjoying every minute!


I’m responsible for dealing with invoices, credit control and payroll as well as helping the business to run smoothly from a financial point of view. With all these tasks, organisation and attention to detail is key!


My dedication and on-the-job experience enable me to help ExtraMile develop further. I’d love to grow with ExtraMile through this exciting time to ultimately be in a position with more responsibility.

My Perfect Role

Office life is what I am built for. It may not seem the most exciting work life for some but this is me! I love all the behind the scenes work of a company by dealing with suppliers and customers to keep the cash flow wheels turning.

Reality TV Addict 

Any kind of reality TV is my sort of thing, it’s all my sky planner at home consists of! Well, that and murder documentaries. I know what you’re thinking though, a bit of an odd combination!

What time is Towie on?