Nicki Wedgwood

Nesh Project Manager

I’ll always push myself to achieve whatever I’ve set my mind on!

Projects and PR

It’s my job to make sure projects are running to time and that our clients are kept updated with their progress. I also cover PR with Jade and we’re working on upping ExtraMile’s media presence.

English graduate

I graduated in 2012 with an English degree and then worked in PR/content roles before joining the ExtraMile team in late 2016. I love being part of the team and we’re growing quickly so it’s a really exciting time to be here.

Travel lover

I love to travel and always have my next holiday in sight. I’m pretty close with my family and have a really close group of friends who I love spending time with. We’re all dotted around the UK so most weekends are spent visiting each other in various cities.

Cat mother

I’m obsessed with cats (I have 2, Chester and Stevie) and I’m 99% sure I’ll end up as the stereotypical crazy cat lady, but I’m fine with that.

Is it just me or is it cold in here?