Lauren Povey

Online Quality Assurance Assistant


But in a positive way. I am responsible for quality checking internal and external marketing materials and making sure it’s the content that’s seen and not the mistakes.


I am always happy to try my hand at something new (I drove a forklift in a previous job), and at ExtraMile I have the opportunity to try new things and grow as the business grows.


‘My logic is undeniable.’ Even if it only makes sense to me. If everything has its place, it makes searching for it a lot easier.


I love to cook and I love to feed people. Slow cooking, baking and all kinds of comfort food are my go-to. So if it’s got half a tonne of butter in it (like all good James Martin recipes) then the apron is on.

Consistency is key

I love a list! And with the variety of work at ExtraMile there are lots of processes and lots of lists, so I’m in my element.