There have been a lot of changes on the social network behemoth since the turn of the year and this blog is an attempt to collate some of those changes and offer advice or explanation of what they mean.

Facebook at Work

The latest product from Facebook hasn’t officially been launched but does pose an interesting option for businesses or companies looking to create a private social network.

Essentially a company signs up to have a network and then their employees are able to create an ‘at work’ account that is visible only on this network – they can even use the same login details as their existing Facebook account, with their two profiles remaining firmly separate (no chance of cross contamination – no need to worry about that embarrassing photo appearing on your work profile). The aim is that this then becomes an excellent collaboration tool – it also offers a great platform for company wide announcements and sharing content with colleagues.

The biggest advantage is that it’s highly likely that employees use Facebook already so there’s no need to train staff and they are already comfortable in the environment – that can only be a good thing for staff take-up.