"Let us build you a credible international presence”

Multilingual web design

We’ve been delivering multilingual projects since 2000, working in more than 25 country language variants for one of our long-standing global clients, as well as working on a major EU funded project in 14 languages and developing smaller, bilingual websites.

ExtraMile Communications creates multilingual websites that:

  • Offer visitors the relevant country/language, either automatically or optionally
  • Have full support of all languages and character sets
  • Show local language “furniture” and control elements such as menus, screen messages and forms
  • Support all metadata in local languages
  • Ensure all pages are filled with readable content, either in English or each local language
  • Provide an identical structure for all language versions of the website, so that the user may switch languages without losing content
  • Give content editors accessible tools to create and translate new content within the website structure
  • Allow country-specific variations in content to separate corporate from local resources

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