Why use Joomla!?

If your website project is complex and demands a level of sophistication that would stretch the capabilities of a simpler platform, then Joomla! may be for you. A good example of such a circumstance is the involved nature of multilingual websites, where many language versions of the same content need to coexist on the same platform.

Benefits of Joomla!


Joomla! is secure, featuring two-factor authentication

It's powerful – meaning there are practically no limits to what you can achieve with its facilities

It's SEO friendly – so you can build your ranking in whichever country or language you choose

It's used by a huge range of companies, large and small, which have benefitted from its facilities as they develop their Return on Investment

Our skills with Joomla!

Joomla! has a large community of developers who produce and modify plug-ins to increase the flexibility and functionality of the platform. ExtraMile’s developers are part of this community and have been accredited by the Joomla! community – among the first in the country to receive such an accolade. This means that websites built with this platform are constructed to the exacting standards demanded by others in this exclusive group.

What we deliver

ExtraMile has had considerable experience in developing websites with complex structures and has created websites in up to 17 languages – a good example of this is NCH Europe. Not only is this website multilingual, it also addresses three separate industry sectors, six solution groups and four main product groups as well as providing online resources and the usual company-specific content … all in 17 languages.

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