Magento e-commerce websites

Magento is the market-leading, open-source, e-commerce platform that is used by global brand giants, such as Nike, Ford, Nestlé, Nespresso and Samsung, to create unique and powerful shopping experiences for their customers.

ExtraMile recommends Magento because it offers unbeatable flexibility and future-proofing. A highly scalable platform option, it has been built to meet the demands of even the largest online store and is shipped with a whole host of features, ‘out of the box’. If they don’t meet all of your requirements, there is a dedicated online marketplace that extends the standard implementation, offering free and paid extensions.

Magento offers infinite possibilities: creating personalised shopping experiences, boosting conversion rates, offering custom pricing for specific customers, targeting ‘unknown’ site visitors, and using ‘rules’ to increase sales and average order values.

Benefits of Magento

World's most powerful, award-winning e-commerce platform

Rapid, responsive and cost-effective innovation

Flawless customer shopping experience

Vast 'out of the box' feature list

Advanced features include customer segmentation, providing customers with specific products and promotions according to location or order history

Modern, easy-to-manage, intuitive and efficient administrator interface

Constantly updated with new features and security updates to keep online stores safe and protected

Multiple integration solutions

SEO advantages


The high performance of Magento enables you to focus on growing your business and not your IT infrastructure. Business teams can easily create and schedule a wide range of content without having any IT involvement.

ExtraMile has a wealth of experience in building and customising Magento websites, working on projects for clients that include, amongst others, EFC Fencing, IP Work Stations and SciLabware.

Software assurance

All Magento sites developed are built with the future in mind and will be compatible with future updates. The custom-built modules use the inbuilt ‘Magento API’ to ensure they are future-proofed.

WooCommerce e-Commerce Websites

“42% of all ecommerce sites are built with WooCommerce.” –

WooCommerce is a dedicated e-commerce plug-in for WordPress, providing sophisticated functionality and integration with a range of online payment gateways.

With WooCommerce it is possible to add a shop either to an existing or a new WordPress site. It is based on sound SEO practice and so will attract the attention of search engines with your product descriptions. It integrates with Facebook shop and has a wide range of plug-ins that can enhance the performance of your online store.

With its support for geo-location, it’s perfect for servicing a variety of countries through your website, seamlessly changing currency and tax calculations in response to the user’s location.

WooCommerce Experts

ExtraMile’s developers are experts in WordPress and WooCommerce, building sites that are clean, powerful, reliable and high-performing, as well as being easy to manage.

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