Your online store - making ecommerce work for you

When a business owner like you decides to begin selling products online, you'll need access to a system that is reliable, secure and above all, easy to manage. Your time is precious and your ecommerce environment should make life as straightforward as possible for you and as easy-to-buy as possible for your customers.

ExtraMile has significant experience in the development and commissioning of online retail and wholesale platforms that deliver the goods for a wide variety of businesses, from small enterprises, selling just a few products, up to major corporates, selling tens of thousands of product lines. This page outlines why ExtraMile should be your technology partner in developing your online business.

Proven Open Source and Commercial Technologies

Whether you choose an Open Source ecommerce platform such as Joomla! or Magento, or a commercial application for ecommerce, you can be assured that your site is being built upon a firm foundation, tried and tested by companies in countries across the world. ExtraMile developers are skilled in designing and constructing the solution that will best suit your business needs and give your customers an excellent shopping experience.

High security

You need your data to be secure and your customers to feel confident in shopping with you. Our sites use top level security to ensure that the bad guys can't get their hands on information that is not theirs. Whether it's your client records, transaction information or simply protecting the site from hacking, ExtraMile's sites will excel in security and customer confidence.

Transaction options

You may not require a straightforward transactional site - many companies have complexities of product or delivery that simply mean it is not possible to have a one size fits all approach to the buying and delivery cycle. For that reason, ExtraMile is able to build a site that allows the customer to request a quotation for a suite of goods. The seller then amends that order with delivery costs or special discounts and fires the quotation back to the customer with an option to pay online. Once the customer pays, the transaction is complete.

Fully optimisable

All of ExtraMile's websites are search engine-friendly. That goes too for the transactional versions which are able to have a full optimisation process applied to raise the profile of your goods and compete better with others in the same market space.

All the features you expect

In addition, all ExtraMile's ecommerce sites are stuffed with features that you expect to see in any fully-fledged online shop - and some you may not expect. If you want ratings, "ask a question", social media syndication, testimonials, sales reporting, searching and filtering, vouchers, discounts, stock control, back end integration and more - all things are possible.

Your shop - your business online

Making the right choice of development partner is critical for your online business. ExtraMile has extensive experience in ecommerce sites, large and small. Trust us to handle your website project and we shall not disappoint, as our customers will tell you.

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