“Why is my website not ranking well?”

What will it take to get your website ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs) for valuable search terms? We’re driven by finding the answer. Each and every strategy is as unique as the business it’s designed for. Get in touch with us for an informal conversation and we’ll get started on answering your important questions.

“How can my business benefit from SEO?”

“How long will it be until I see results from SEO?”

“How much do SEO services cost?”

Throughout your campaign, our search team is here to provide all of the information you might need surrounding your strategy. We’re transparent with our tactics and will work collaboratively with your organisation to maximise any insight we have access to.

How much does SEO cost monthly?

SEO pricing can vary greatly and results typically reflect cost, meaning that finding the most suitable yet affordable SEO agency can be tough. Is the cost of an SEO site audit going to cover everything your business needs to reach a top position on SERPs? Or do you need something a little more in-depth? The cost of SEO services in the UK is dependent on the scope of work to be carried out, and the timeframe in which you’d like your business to achieve its SEO goals.

At ExtraMile we like to take a more flexible approach, with plans individually tailored to your business, and your budget. Instead of offering set price packages, we offer 4 standard costs that are defined by the hours spent working on your website per month, not by the complexity of the work involved.

With a higher budget, you could expect to address the more advanced stages of an SEO campaign – such as optimising for speed, implementing schema data and analysing visitor behaviour in depth – much earlier on than if your budget was £750. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t reach those advanced stages with a lower budget – it simply means the work gets carried out later in your campaign.

What can you expect from an SEO plan from ExtraMile?

01 The Beginning

02 The Middle

03 The End

Getting to know you

This is where we really get to know you and your business. Our dedicated SEM team will work with you to determine your audience, competitors and goals, and create a project plan tailored to our findings. A technical SEO site audit will identify any technical issues that are negatively affecting your website’s ability to perform. We will then take action where necessary.

Keyword research will also be carried out, implemented, and positions monitored to ensure your website is ranking for relevant keywords and phrases.


Getting the work done

The content on your website will be assessed and optimised in line with your keyword list, and according to SEO best practice, giving you those all important SERP results! We’ll also look at your link profile and clean up anything toxic. We’ll regularly create blog posts and new content to engage your audience and, most importantly, convert them. You’ll receive monthly SEO reports and ranking sheet to  explain our progress and recommendations in a no-nonsense way, keeping you in the loop at all times.

Gaining insight

The truth is, SEO is never finished! However, on an ongoing basis, it’s important that we measure business relevant metrics and adapt the campaign where required.  We can also look at what your competitors are doing to ensure you stay one step ahead!

SEO is an ever-evolving world and search engines favour websites that stay current – continual SEO maintenance and content creation will facilitate this and help secure your place at the top of those results pages.

What we deliver

We work with SMEs as well as large international businesses (turning over £100 million pound plus) to increase their visibility and win valuable online real-estate. Our offering consists of standalone SEO campaigns, integrated campaigns (involving PPC and social) and in-depth SEO audits.

Our SEO service looks at the technical setup, content and link building, with the team working collaboratively with design and development to ensure a flawless user experience throughout.

Benefits of ExtraMile’s SEO services

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Increased traffic from search engines (and more inbound leads/sales)

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Can give your business a competitive edge

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Technically sound, user-friendly website

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Consultative approach - we advise on how the SEO service should work in the context of your overall marketing strategy

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Tailored, flexible approach based on the individual requirements of your business

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Cost effective - targets users who are actively searching for your product or service

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Clear ROI - trackable and quantifiable results

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Brand awareness - being ranked higher in search engines increases your visibility

Make the decision to get found online

The volume of internet searches carried out every day is incomprehensible. ExtraMile’s SEO campaigns are designed to seize the opportunities that the search engines present, and get your product, service or offering found online – whether that’s in the UK or overseas.

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