Quality Assurance at ExtraMile

We offer quality assurance (QA) testing for online and print marketing materials, with services including proofreading, link checking and user experience (UX) testing. Working to exceptionally high standards, we are able to review websites and email campaigns in multiple languages, meet strict deadlines and ensure quality, accuracy and consistency throughout. Quality assurance isn’t just limited to spelling, grammar and syntax: we also check for errors in design and images, brand digression, inconsistencies in tone of voice/communication, and the efficiency of responsive design.

Quality assurance is a crucial part of the design, delivery and implementation of any marketing campaign and one which is very often overlooked. ExtraMile is unique in offering a dedicated QA and UX testing service, which enables us to deliver the highest standard of work possible for our clients.

What we deliver

ExtraMile has been offering QA since the company’s inception over 18 years ago, and our commitment to delivering high quality, consistent services is reflected in our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. Clients can be reassured that the work completed has been checked at every stage of the process and is being delivered to exacting standards.

We have worked with some the most well-known, global brands for many years, who rely on attention to detail and exceptional standards being delivered for each and every project. The same expert skills and processes can be tailored to your individual company and project requirements to ultimately enhance the visibility and performance of your brand.

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Quality assurance testing gives you confidence that the information you are communicating to your customers is clear, concise and consistent.

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