Multilingual website design

Speak to the world in a language it can understand

As companies extend their markets into Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and beyond, communication becomes more of a challenge. To what extent will potential customers in Japan, for example, be able to interpret and respond to English websites and messages? Unfortunately few companies are addressing this issue and catering for a multilingual audience.

ExtraMile Communications creates multilingual websites that:

  • Offer visitors the relevant country/language, either automatically or optionally
  • Have full support of all languages and character sets
  • Show local language “furniture” and control elements such as menus, screen messages and forms
  • Support all metadata in local languages
  • Ensure all pages are filled with readable content, either in English or each local language
  • Provide an identical structure for all language versions of the website, so that the user may switch languages without losing content
  • Give content editors accessible tools to create and translate new content within the website structure
  • Allow country-specific variations in content to separate corporate from local resources

We use proven Open Source technologies for the development of websites and the tools we use and processes we follow have been developed over 14 years. Our processes are adaptable to any of your business needs to help your company communicate to clients and prospects in their own language, anywhere in the world.

We have been creating multilingual marketing since 2000, working in 25 country language variants for one of our long-standing clients, as well as working on a major EU-funded project in 14 languages and developing smaller, bilingual sites for SMEs. We have a wealth of resources, tools and processes designed to optimise your media for any language. Our extensive experience means that you can feel confident that you're in the hands of experts.

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