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At ExtraMile, we manage the challenges in developing effective multilingual digital marketing strategies, localised to connect with your desired target market. It is well known that email campaigns provide the highest ROI of all digital marketing strategies, and through extensive processes and technical solutions we ensure yours are created and delivered error-free, in the right language and context, to the right audience, at the right time.

What we deliver

Multilingual website design and development

Localisation services (mapping the site to match country specific channels, products, teams and legalities)

Translation services via partners

Multilingual Search Engine Optimisation – to target search activity in local language for each country

Multilingual email marketing – creating campaigns with multiple country/language editions that are localised and translated, and delivered with the same message/tone

Multiple edition campaign transmission – sending campaigns, using client data to target audiences across as many countries/versions as required

Our skills in International Marketing

ExtraMile has a long history of working in multilingual digital marketing, with significant expertise and understanding of the international context. All work is managed under ISO 9001 quality-accredited processes, and in 2015 the company won The Sentinel International Trade Award supported by JCB and DTI. Websites and campaigns are rigorously quality-checked under strict quality assurance processes, and content is created to exacting standards and is target-specific to country, locality and audience.

Adopting an integrated approach, our team have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in driving traffic to multilingual websites with targeted Search Engine Optimisation. We align international marketing solutions with your brand and marketing strategies and objectives to deliver world class campaigns that increase global visibility and contribute to the growth and expansion of your business.

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