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Email marketing is the purest form of permission marketing – people want to hear from you because they subscribed. It’s a proven way to connect and develop relationships with current and potential customers. This may be through company newsletters, product launches, promotions or special offers. ExtraMile offers DIY templates that make it easy for you to create and send beautifully designed and written campaigns as and when you want to, at the touch of a button.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Simple, powerful and effective

Raises your brand profile

Increases sales

Targeted campaigns can be set up easily

Engages subscribers

Cost effective and good Return on Investment

Capability for multilingual/international marketing

Enhances customer experience

Swift turnaround

Email reporting keeps track of trends and provides analysis of data such as links clicked, email opens and social media shares to improve future campaigns

Emails rigorously tested through internal QA process to ensure maximum effectiveness

What we deliver

Our Email Marketing agency work allows you to continually keep in touch with your audience, reminding them of your presence, informing them of your products and services, and connecting with new potential subscribers through facilities such as email sharing and social media bookmarking.

Having a list of subscribers is one thing; knowing what to do with it is an entirely different thing altogether. Personalisation is massively important in email marketing. Customer segmentation based on interests and preferences means sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Segmentation has been proven to reduce unsubscribes and has a strong correlation with increased sales.

General Data Protection Regulation

First of all, though, you need to ensure your data list conforms to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We can help you validate your lists and clean out those contacts who are not legal subscribers with consultancy advice.

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