"Fully managed email marketing to engage with your target audience in their own language"

Our email marketing services are built upon tested, quality approved processes. A service of such calibre produces a precise method of communication between you and your target audience.

Responsive Email Marketing

Responsive email is designed to flex and change its layout to suit the device on which it is being read. On a computer screen or a tablet in landscape format, it will look just as you would normally expect it to do. View that same email on a phone, however, and you’ll see changes in the layout and the construction that make it far easier to read and engage.

  • Images sit at the top of the email’s articles – they have scaled down to fit
  • Text is a normal, readable size – no need to scroll or zoom
  • Buttons for calls to action are larger – making it easier to click and follow a link to a web page
  • All elements are visible inside the width of the screen – you only need to scroll up and down the content

Responsive email marketing makes the difference between an email being read or discarded. With so many people now using mobile for their email browsing, you need to present your message to them in a clear and compelling format – the alternative is to lose customers and sales.

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International email marketing

Do you find it difficult to combine multiple countries in one email campaign? Our specialism is international email marketing – we’ve refined our multilingual services over 16 years, sending responsive emails to thousands of people across the world in an enticing visual medium.

Our international email marketing service offers businesses a seamless process, tackling complexities and errors. We offer campaign creation, management, copywriting, testing, transmission and statistical analysis. All with the utmost professionalism and an eye for detail.

ExtraMile will deliver your email marketing campaign using sophisticated management tools that handle the interface between the project and the stakeholders: client, translators, validators and technical team.

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