“Twitter is DOUBLING its character limit to 280.”

“Who cares?”

Well, since you asked…WE CARE. Because we work in digital marketing and it’s our job to care about things like character limits and meta titles and keywords and how on earth we’re going to write web content without the word “innovative.”

But since you’re reading this blog you secretly care a little bit. So, let’s talk about why I think it’s a bad idea.

We’re at peak content

A buzzword (or buzz phrase?) but we really are at peak content. For a while, we’ve been churning out words on the internet like keyboard cat. We’re now at the point where the amount of stuff to read is unsustainable. Currently, Twitter is a haven of short messages, perfect for my small, millennial attention span. But when the new character limit is rolled out we’ll be adding to the noise online and probably not contributing anything insightful because 140 characters means that…

We get to the point

140 characters means that we’re forced to self-edit and think about what we’re writing. If I suddenly had 280 characters, I would babble and over hashtag and oh my god it would be horrible.

It’s Twitter’s USP

We can send ugly pictures on Snapchat, we can look beautiful on Instagram and tag ourselves in our own home on Facebook (don’t – now burglars have your address) and we can express ourselves concisely on Twitter. Now it’s gone it’s losing that thing that we remember it for. RIP! Or should I say Rest in Peace just to drag it out a bit more?