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The internet is a crowded space with millions of companies ‘fighting’ to be discovered. Google Ads are a quick way of getting found online, ahead of your competition.

Our Google Ads Specialists work with you to determine your advertising campaign’s ideal setup, and carve out valuable avenues of traffic.

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What Are Google Ads?

Search Engine Optimisation is essential to grow your website’s visibility in search engines organically, but it can take time; Google Ads enable businesses to achieve clicks from search engines relatively quickly.

ExtraMile’s Google Ads campaigns are built using precise and orderly processes, and are brought to life with compelling advertising copy.

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Benefits Of Using Google Ads

Google Ads are a quick way of getting to the top of search engine results pages. Your competitors are most likely already using Google Ads to appear above organic searches – you can bid for the ‘top spot’ and win business that you probably would not win without them.

Taking advantage of this will benefit you because:

  • Google Ads can target a very specific audience based on: location, demographics, interests and technology (what device they’re searching on, internet browser, etc.)
  • The targeted audience are people who are already interested in your particular product or service
  • Google Ads campaigns can target users who are at a particular stage within the conversion funnel
  • Google Ads campaigns are measurable with proven ROI
  • There is no set budget – you can set a budget that works for you

What We Deliver

ExtraMile is unique within the digital marketing industry in that it only charges a monthly campaign management fee. Google Ads require intensive management, and the team respond to changes quickly and efficiently to ensure each campaign is highly cost effective.

Your Google Ads campaign will be tailored in line with your budget and primary objectives. Our Google Ads services are available as a standalone service or as part of an integrated campaign. We also carry out audits that let us delve into the detail of your current setup and consult on enhancing its performance.


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Our Skills With Google Ads

A Google Ads budget should result in a measurable ROI. In order to maximise the return on your advertising spend, we employ sophisticated Search Engine Marketing tools and advanced techniques. At ExtraMile, we go beyond counting the clicks. We consult on the UX of your landing pages, and gear your campaign towards conversions such as leads, sign-ups and sales.

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Your Google Ads Team

Our Search Engine Marketing team have Google Ads accreditations, and hold a number of additional qualifications, such as an Advanced PPC Certificate distributed by the Chartered Institute of Marketing. As your Google Ads partner, we take delight in getting your website found.

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