ExtraMile & easipetcare: A Case Study

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easipetcare, the low-cost vets whose mission is to deliver affordable vet care to the pet-loving public, enlisted the services of ExtraMile to help enhance the effectiveness of their online activities. easipetcare wanted more flexibility from their website, as well as a much better user experience (UX) when potential customers visited their online space.

Smooth UX

The decision was made to design and implement a new website based on a smooth UX and navigation system. As well as a functional UX, the new website had to be able to take advantage of the latest data and tools so as to constantly learn about, refine and update its performance. 

It was also essential that easipetcare received a much more flexible service from their digital marketing provider, as opposed to the rigid service they had received from their previous agency.

So to stay ahead in a highly competitive market, ExtraMile were brought in to make all these desired outcomes a reality for easipetcare.



In easipetcare’s monthly SEO report for the month of December 2020, we were extremely pleased to report the following figures:

  • Organic traffic increased by 37.5% when compared to December 2019
  • Goal conversion rate improved by 301.9%
  • Conversion rate for social traffic improved by 3,242.86%
  • Sales of the ‘Puppy Pack’ product increased by 70%

Moreover, in further year-on-year analysis, easipetcare have seen a:

  • 11.44% increase in sessions derived from organic traffic
  • 22.62% increase in organic session duration
  • 9.33% reduction in bounce rate
  • 175.92% increase in goal completion for organic traffic

Don’t Just Take It From Us

“We’ve worked with the ExtraMile team for a couple of years now and they are terrific – super friendly and they are all great at what they do. We love our new website and it’s performing exceptionally well. Every single person who has worked on our projects has been a pleasure to work with. They feel like an extension of our own Marketing Team and the fact that most of them are pet owners is a real bonus for us!“

– Francesca Rigby, easipetcare Digital Marketer

The Process

ExtraMile has a deep appreciation of the fact that every client is completely unique. The principles of what constitutes effective digital marketing practice remain broadly the same; however, the ways in which these principles apply to each individual client depends on the client in question.

That’s why ExtraMile follows a process of working that applies the principles of effective digital marketing in the most beneficial way possible. This process can be broadly summarised as:

  • Understand deeply who the client is and what it is that they want.
  • Formulate a project plan by combining the desired outcomes of the client with ExtraMile’s expertise and experience.
  • Agree upon timeframes and measurements of success.
  • Complete the work whilst communicating with the client from the start until completion.
  • Ensure the work has met the requirements of the client.
  • Learn from the experience and share best practice.

Impactful And Sustainable Results

This is the process that ExtraMile followed when designing and delivering easipetcare’s new website.

easipetcare’s bespoke, modern website launched in December 2019 and since then, as evidenced by some of the figures above, the site has gone on to deliver impactful, sustainable results for the company.

Incremental progress made within a business’s digital marketing offering can pay significant dividends in the long-term. Quick, simple changes which adhere to SEO best practice can also elicit fantastic short-term return on investment.


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IMI Critical

IMI Critical

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The working relationship between IMI Critical Engineering and ExtraMile Communications began in June 2020. IMI Critical are a specialist engineering business that design, manufacture, and install precisely engineered flow control solutions which are used within critical infrastructure plants for a variety of purposes.

Specialised Products, Specialised Website

The company needed a fresh, bespoke website to replace its outdated and underutilised predecessor. Like the highly specialised products that IMI Critical produce for their customers, they needed a carefully crafted and curated website to act as a modern lead generation tool.

IMI Critical needed this new site to demonstrate a strong brand image: one which was representative of their professional, world-leading engineering organisation. The site also needed to be able to accurately track leads, utilising the insights afforded by tools such as Google Analytics. It was crucial that the new platform also clearly conveyed IMI Critical’s bespoke offering and unique consultancy approach.

There was one final criterion that IMI Critical needed their new website to fulfil, and that was that it needed to be easy to maintain in-house. Their previous site had been difficult to update, and, as in any fast-moving industry, a website with a laborious update process simply cannot serve its intended function effectively.

Fantastic & Unique Challenges

The project ExtraMile undertook with IMI Critical presented a lot of fantastic and unique challenges – fantastic in that they were excellent opportunities for learning and growth. For example, IMI Critical, a division of IMI Plc, operates within 11 different sectors, with 16 world-leading brands, with each servicing one or more of 32 separate industries. Therefore, IMI Critical – the severe application arm of IMI Plc – had to differentiate itself from its competitors, whilst also remaining consistent with the overarching brand guidelines of its parent company.

This dichotomy between differentiation and consistency could have proved to be a tricky balance to strike and retain. However, with clear, consistent communication at every stage of the project’s life cycle, ExtraMile were able to work closely with IMI Critical to ensure that the project was on course to deliver precisely what was required. By making no assumptions, ExtraMile ensured that the work completed was reliably moving IMI Critical closer to their desired destination: a modern, attractive, fully-functioning website.

User Experience

As previously mentioned, IMI Critical Engineering provides bespoke engineered solutions that are used all over the world, in a multitude of contexts, which serve a variety of specialist functions. As such, one of the key challenges with the IMI Critical website was to ensure coherence and ease of use for all the site’s visitors.

Simple, but intensely practical measures such as implementing an advanced filtering search system meant that users would be able to quickly and intuitively find the information they were looking for. A speedy and logical flow of information throughout the architecture of a website is an essential component of quality user experience (UX). The better the UX, the greater the likelihood of maximising conversions, revenue, and return on investment.

Don’t Just Take It From Us

“The new website is a huge step up from our previous website. ExtraMile have helped to produce a much improved user experience, a great looking website which engages the customer. We’re already benefiting from the changes with some great leads coming through the site. The new website is like night and day against the old site.”

– Mike Semens-Flanagan – Director, Global Engineering


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