The Problem

SciLabware is a global manufacturer of laboratory glass and plasticware. Upon meeting ExtraMile, their existing website was an online version of their printed catalogue – it was not representative of the brand’s credibility and did not present its users with a good user experience. No scroll options existed and the outdated technology meant that support for the website was limited.

It was important for ExtraMile to consider the integration with a Product Information Management system, and vastly expand on the content on offer. The following items were also key: a clear user journey; a seamless menu functionality; dedicated support options; a media room; a sectors a showcase area.

SciLabware also stressed the need for a long scrolling site with clear touchpoints for users and end to end users and distributors (it should be straightforward for all users to engage with the company).

To kick off the redesign, SciLabware provided ExtraMile with their logo (to inform the colour scheme) and invited the project team to a workshop day to learn as much about the brand as possible.

What we did

“ExtraMile are a very creative agency which is what we lacked, and they brought that creative element to us.”

Our Project Manager closely managed the complex design and build of the website, which started with a visit to SciLabware’s headquarters. During this visit, ExtraMile gained an understanding of SciLabware’s brand, culture, product ranges, markets, and audience. This knowledge proved invaluable during the design process, during which 3 separate designs were presented to the client to choose from. The chosen design then moved forward into build.

SciLabware on desktop devices

ExtraMile built on Magento 2 – the leading eCommerce platform. Built from the ground up, with scalability in mind, this powerful CMS was the perfect option; it is capable of handling a vast number of products. ExtraMile’s development team also incorporated custom functionality throughout the build, ensuring that the desired look and feel was achieved.

SciLabware utilises the Agility PIM software to store and maintain product information in a single location. Importing this product data was achieved as a result of working closely with project stakeholders; over 4,000 products were added to the website in English and French.

SciLabware on mobile devices

The results

The client has reported that the website has delivered in terms of its design, user experience, and functionality – the company’s digital presence conveys credibility and expertise. At present, a Search Engine Optimisation campaign is underway, with the aim of increasing relevant traffic from search engines and visibility for competitive keywords.

Where next?

ExtraMile continues to maintain the website post go-live and have creative input across multiple campaigns (print and digital). ExtraMile’s Search Engine Marketing, Design and Development team continue to work closely with SciLabware to achieve the company’s digital marketing goals.

‘ExtraMile are a very creative agency which is what we lacked, and they brought that creative element to us.’

Emma Bottamley, Marketing Communications Manager at SciLabware

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