The problem

The company had a number of different websites operating independently across multiple locations. Consequently, their web presence was fragmented, and limited development was taking place.

After a new CEO was appointed and a new structure implemented, the UK team were tasked with the global website project: to merge 20 websites covering 24 languages into one single website. This was a huge task.

The new structure NCH wanted had seven platforms, and the brief for the new website was to include all seven under one roof covering 17 languages. Our brief was to increase traffic to the site, build brand awareness and to generate enquiries.

What we did

We agreed the concept of delivering a single website that encapsulated all previous sites would be the best approach, primarily as this would simplify site maintenance for NCH and enable their customers to easily find and navigate the site without having to switch from one domain to another.

NCH Europe website on desktop devices

We combined Joomla!’s powerful multilingual functionality and our experience in this area to overcome many of the obstacles related to this type of project. For example, the varying length of content in different languages: our design team kept this in mind throughout the design phase, ensuring the finished design was flexible enough to adapt to differing content lengths.

NCH Europe language switcher

The new NCH website also harnesses the responsive design capabilities of modern browsers to provide the best possible user experience across all screen sizes. This cutting-edge technology will help drive enquiries even when users are on the move and browsing using a mobile device.

“ExtraMile always listen to the ideas you have and whenever they send a brief over, we rarely change it because they get it right, it is always approved.”

Helen Piper, Marketing Executive at NCH Europe

NCH Europe website on desktop devices

The results

Once the websites were launched, the general enquiries from the ‘site dramatically increased from zero to 200 quality enquiries a month’, from people wanting quotes and product demonstrations.

The enquiries continue to be from people who are interested in the company’s products and services, so they are in effect warm leads that can be passed over to the sales team to contact and convert. In that sense the website is helping generate sales, get in front of customers and build brand visibility.

Where next?

We have built a great relationship with NCH: we now understand their business, which is a big task due to the complexities of their global infrastructure. We can share our ideas and advise them based on our experience – our relationship with them is more like a partnership.

We provide a design service as well as day-to-day support and we work with them on their digital projects, because they know they will get a quick turnaround on any issues they have.

We have also recently started an SEO project with them and the site is performing very well for lots of keywords.

‘The support ExtraMile provide is unparalleled to any customer service we have had, and nothing is too much trouble.’

Helen Piper, Marketing Executive at NCH Europe

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