The Problem

From Michelin-starred restaurants, to sports stadiums, and contract caterers, many businesses rely on Direct Seafoods’ high-quality fish and seafood. Operating from 11 locations across the UK, the company required a website to unify the customer experience, and make it easier for customers to find their nearest supplier.

In addition to a vastly improved user experience, Direct Seafoods required the website to clearly communicate the company’s commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing; it was clear that sustainability should feature prominently, alongside the initiatives the company supports.

As an established company operating for 10 years, retaining existing website traffic was vital – this presents a challenge when migrating to a new CMS and drastically reworking a website’s structure. However, as with all of ExtraMile’s ‘SEO in-build’ clients (Direct Seafoods chose to have an SEO Specialist involved throughout the project), the smooth transition from old website to new website was considered in depth.

At project kick-off, Direct Seafoods also had a long term goal – to become the go-to educational resource for chefs and those operating in the business of seafood.

What we did

From concept, the clear and direct access to critical information, such as where to ‘find your nearest depot’, was considered by ExtraMile’s Creative Manager and design team. It was also important to clearly present ‘value added’ content for the website’s users, to convey Direct Seafoods’ knowledge of the seafood industry. As a result, the website’s design was centred around key user journeys and the clear presentation of guides, recipes, product ranges, and more.

Direct Seafoods website on desktop devices

The search engine marketing team also ensured the retention of existing traffic – a simple keyword strategy was developed and technical SEO checks were actioned at key stages.

Direct Seafoods website on mobile devices

The results

The website’s design and architecture was well received by all stakeholders; importantly, the new design reflects the company’s expertise and commitment to sustainability.

In the 6 months following the website’s launch, the volume of users from search engines improved by 39.27% as a result of a robust migration plan. Significantly, over the same 6 month period, traffic from search engines comprised 80.5% of the website’s total traffic levels. In addition, the website ranks for competitive keywords such as ‘fish wholesalers’, ‘wholesale fish’ and ‘seafood suppliers’.

Where next?

ExtraMile continues to work with Direct Seafoods on the maintenance of its website. Plans are in place to expand on the website’s fish glossary to capture important search terms and build on the site’s existing audience. Built in WordPress, the website is able to evolve with the client’s needs, and provides a business critical function for Direct Seafoods.

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