You can bury your head in the sand, or you can raise it above the parapet.

Business owners across the UK are considering the impact of the Brexit vote on their future prosperity and the direction of their companies. Many are fearful that leaving the Single Market will wipe out the European relationships that they have – either with clients or suppliers. They worry that their companies will decline because of lack of access to markets or because the raw materials that they need will become too expensive.

ExtraMile’s view is that the companies that grasp the opportunity to be first with the new approach, first to break new ground, first to try something different will be the ones to prosper. This, folks, is going to be the New Normal. And companies large and small need to approach the future with optimism and determination. So, OK ExtraMile

What should businesses do post-Brexit?

  • Realise that things have changed and that longing for what once was is wasted time
  • Look for opportunities that your competitors are missing
  • Innovate. Experiment. Be different!
  • Be upbeat and positive, even when short-term problems dampen your mood
  • Sharpen your messages, update your lists, optimise your web presence
  • Go to market! Get your message out there – as big and as bold as you can

Whenever things change, we long for the time before. We put on those rose-tinted spectacles and reminisce about the “golden age”, yet our hindsight is frequently strongly biased in favour of the good things that happened and edits out the less good.

As we begin to come to terms with what Brexit means for each company, we should be doing this with a view to seizing new opportunities. Things will never be the same again, that’s true. Is that necessarily a bad thing? For some companies, it will be difficult. They’ll lose orders, find traditional markets are no longer easily accessible and trading conditions have become hostile. Yet, those companies that are fleet of foot will adjust to the new situation, modify their business and tackle new markets head on, just as they did to survive the recession.

You’d expect that ExtraMile would put a positive spin on this, because that’s how we feel – positive about the future. It’s not because we wanted Brexit – we are a highly integrated European company. No, it’s because we know that things don’t stay the same and we are always alert to the opportunities that help our customers achieve the most success.

There’s no point in burying your head in the sand and hoping that the future will go away. Far better to raise your head and shoulders above the parapet, waving a flag that says “We’re over here!” for all to see. Good online marketing helps that process along and we can prove it.

During the recent recession, ExtraMile’s business grew hugely as it built its propositions for customers to weather the storm. Marketing one’s way out of the recession became a mantra and we helped other company owners to ensure that their business waved its flag as strongly as possible while other companies sat and worried about what they could do to keep going.