NCH Europe & NCH Asia

The Brief

NCH Europe is part of the global NCH Corporation chemicals company offering industrial maintenance solutions across Europe. The company approached ExtraMile seeking an agency capable of designing and developing a website with multiple language variants and to perform on all devices.

NCH also required SEO services to ensure visibility on search engine results pages for competitive terms. In addition, email marketing was needed to promote NCH's services and solutions to stakeholders and customers clearly and concisely across Europe.

NCH Asia desktop
NCH Asia mobile

The Solution

We designed and developed a multilingual website for NCH Europe with a structure and design to perform in search engines. A content management system was used to facilitate the addition of multilingual variants. The results are astonishing – currently, the site receives over 21,000 organic visits (via search engine results page) a month with many keywords on page one of Google.

As NCH Europe’s digital marketing partner, we provide the company with regular multilingual marketing advice. As a result, multilingual email marketing continues to benefit NCH Europe. Strategic campaigns regularly drive relevant traffic to the site, resulting in increased leads and awareness of the NCH brand across Europe.

Because of the expert work that ExtraMile completed for NCH Europe, we were commissioned by NCH Asia to design and develop a multilingual website to target an Asia-Pacific customer base. This site currently holds 13 language variants and our multilingual SEO services will ensure visibility in search engines spanning a wide geographical area.

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