Milver Metals

The Brief

Milver Metals is the UK’s largest producer of high-performance aluminium and copper alloys, with a focus on advanced aluminium recycling. The company has a global presence, supplying to automotive, oil, gas and energy companies around the world.

Milver Metals was looking to introduce a new, dynamic brand to exhibit its values and represent Milver as a fresh, bold and forward-thinking company. Milver Metals approached ExtraMile Communications to assist them with designing a logo to be incorporated into all brand collateral and marketing materials. This material included stationery, livery, the website branding and a display vinyl to adorn their reception area.

Following on from this, Milver Metals approached ExtraMile to update its website; giving it a fresh, new look with additional content and site sections to improve usability and usefulness.



milvermetals mobile

The Solution

ExtraMile’s design team provided the company with different logo concepts to visualise the new brand, paying attention to the company’s existing colour scheme and typography. After redesign and finalisation, the company now has a logo which is a visual expression of its brand identity, image, mission and values.

In addition to Milver Metals’ new logo, we modernised the website to incorporate additional content and features. The company wanted its website to appeal to two core audiences: customers and suppliers. We designed ‘I’m a customer’ and ‘I’m a supplier’, ‘news’ and ‘RSS feeds’ features and included a chat widget on the site. New content was added and older content was refreshed in order to remain current and provide the most relevant information to site visitors.