The Christmas period is for relaxing, watching a film and snuggling up in front of a cosy fire, right? Wrong. Don’t believe the adverts, that’s not what happens on Christmas day – the run-up to the big day is nothing but chaos. We all have approximately 100 jobs to complete before the 25th and as much as thoughtful gifts are intended, for most of us, thinking isn’t really an option at this stage. For those that need to relax, here are some of the best Christmas related searches for you to laugh at.

Whether you turn to the internet for a quick solution or an answer to a burning question, Google is there to help soothe the stress of this manic time of year.

Google it

Since its humble beginnings, Google has changed the world forever. It first began as a student project at Stanford University and took only two decades for it to evolve into a cultural phenomenon – it now dominates the way we interact with the web and each other.

Search engines are interesting places. They absorb the queries of the world and are able to have a unique insight into the human psyche like no other machine or person on the planet. Our true inquisitive natures are exposed as we tend to see the internet as a cloak of invisibility – often searching for information with questions or statements on obscure topics.

Google at Christmas

As a specialist search engine marketing company, we thought we’d use our technical know-how to find out exactly what weird and wonderful things the population search for around Christmas time to uncover exactly what everyone’s thinking.

There were A LOT so here are our favourite searches…

  1. Where Christmas is banned
    Nice try – there’s no escape.
  2. Which Christmas song are you?
    Almost as essential as ‘what is my elf name?’
  3. Christmas for dogs
    Accept it, your dog does not understand why you’re giving him a sock full of presents.
  4. Christmas toilet seat cover
    Wow, just wow.
  5. Christmas with the Kranks botox
    Note to self: Botox does not eliminate stress, it only covers it up
  6. Is Christmas cancelled?
    Proof that you shouldn’t believe everything that your Mum says.
  7. Christmas forever stamps
    A fiver says that these people also own Christmas toilet seat covers.
  8. How Christmas saved the Grinch script
    It’s a good film but come on…the entire script?!
  9. Open Christmas presents without getting caught
    Preparation and strategy are key.
  10. How Christmas feels when you have a cat
    Warm and fuzzy?
  11. Why Christmas trees aren’t perfect
    Let’s face it, they don’t ever look like the ones on John Lewis adverts.
  12. What Christmas means to me

Keep up the good work everyone!

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