You’re smart. You already know that in order to run a successful business in today’s market, you need an online presence. Not only do you need to be online – you need to optimise your efforts to be the best.

You could have the prettiest website in the world and a cutsie little Instagram page, but if nobody ever visits them, then what’s the point? Simply put… you’ve figured out that it’s time to start thinking about digital marketing.

Here begins the internal monologue.

We’re going to get a lovely new website. The old website is looking a bit dated and we need to showcase our business to all the potential customers or clients out there.

So, Dave in I.T. is pretty hot on this website building stuff, maybe he can do it. But wait – he’s really busy with all his other work. Hmm…

Maybe we can hire a web developer. That way, our website will be amazing and always stay up-to-date. Great idea – but wait again…

A web developer is great at building the site, communicating with hosts and servers and trouble-shooting any problems that arise, but can he design the site to work best for our business? Can he make it look appealing, work responsively, incorporate branding and use colour psychology to encourage our clients and customers to take the action we want them to take on our site?

Maybe we need to hire a designer too.

But then, we’re paying for a developer, and a designer, but when the website goes live how well will it perform? Will it rank in search engine results pages (SERP’s)? Will people click on to our site? Will our visitors turn into paying customers? What about the web pages? Are they written well?

At this rate, we will need to hire a web developer, a web designer, an SEO expert and content writer. Don’t get me started on our social media. And what about this PPC stuff that everyone is doing? Who knows how to create the campaigns, monitor the budget and create ad-copy that will generate business?

The reality is that all of the skills necessary to make digital marketing work for your business won’t come from one or two people. It takes different skills and talents in each area working together to create an online presence that will make a massive difference to your bottom line. Hiring in house will cost time and money. Staff will leave and the hiring and training process has to start all over again.

Hiring a digital marketing agency will ensure that you get a dedicated service. You will benefit from highly skilled staff who are experts in their field, working together to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Laura, SEO and PPC Assistant.

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