In the technical field of engineering, whether it be civil, mechanical or even aerospace, it can be easy to overlook the design element of your website. Users can become overwhelmed with overly technical content with complex diagrams scattered around the pages, making navigation over-burdening. On the other hand, engineering websites that use plain and lack-lustre design may not inspire users to stay on the site. With the right web design your engineering website can achieve the perfect combination of informative and attractive content, with a user experience (UX) that will lead to those all-important conversions.

Here are some of our favourite examples of great engineering websites from around the globe, that may give you the design inspiration that you’ve been looking for:

Wood Plc

Wood provides a range of engineering, production support and maintenance management services to the energy and industrial sectors worldwide.

First impressions…

Upon entering the website’s homepage, the user is instantly met with a tidy layout with a search box asking “What are you looking for today?”. This provides a quick service for users who already know why they are visiting this website. Removing the need to navigate through the website in these cases makes for an efficient and satisfactory UX, that is less likely to result in users leaving the website before they find what they’re looking for.

Our favourite features on the website…

The design of the main menu at the top of the website allows you to hover over the items and takes you to a more in-depth sub-menu. This provides users with a display of categories and sub-categories on the website without the need to click onto the page. This creates a smooth UX as users aren’t required to click into a category to find whether it holds the information relevant to their search. Again, this makes for an efficient navigation experience as users aren’t constantly having to return to the menu if they don’t find what they’re looking for.

The homepage also features animated banners that are subtle, yet hold the attention of the user. In the case of this style of banner, it is important to remember that the design is in keeping with the industry and its audience. Less is more.

What we’d improve…

With conversions in mind, we’d suggest adding more calls to action (CTAs) to ensure that users are always presented with an easy-to-find method of contacting the company.

GE Aviation

GE Aviation is a world-leading provider of commercial, military, business and general aviation jet and turboprop engines and components as well as avionics, electrical power and mechanical systems for aircraft.

First impressions…

As with Wood, the user is met with a neatly laid-out homepage where they can easily navigate to the different industry-focussed areas of the website. GE Aviation use a simple approach to the amount of features on the homepage, which means that users can jump straight to the area that they’re looking for without being distracted.

Our favourite features on the website…

The design feature that we absolutely loved on this website was the interactive diagrams of the engines featured on some pages (on desktop). These beautifully mocked-up images allow the user to hover over certain parts of the engine, prompting an information box to pop up that gives more information. All in all, the website uses a range of stunning imagery throughout that creates an impressive feel.

We also loved the digital offerings product filter, where users can filter down using Industries, Outcomes and Products to view the most relevant offering to their requirements.

What we’d change…

Considering the rest of the website is so visually attractive, we’d suggest using something a little more impressive on the homepage. The simplicity of the existing homepage may serve a purpose, however we feel it could still be given more of a wow-factor without losing ease-of-navigation.


FACC are a global leader in designing, developing and manufacturing advanced aircraft components and systems for the aerospace industries.

First impressions…

The homepage design of this aerospace engineering website makes full use of both visual and aural aesthetics, with animated banners and an emotive soundtrack. When viewing the site on desktop the user can scroll down to move through these banners. The menu is easy to find due to the minimal clickable features, and takes you to the various areas of the website.

Our favourite features on the website…

The homepage is a no-brainer here. With blockbuster-esque audio and visual elements it’s hard to forget this site. Full-screen imagery is used throughout the site to create powerful statements that tie in with the future-lead thinking outlined in their company mission.
We also love the number of interactive features on the website. FACC use a lot of hover-over elements, such as the images on their Aerospace Solutions page which slide over to reveal a snippet of information about the corresponding page (below).


What we’d change…

Some of the technology pages are very text heavy which may result in users not wanting to read or scroll through all the text to get to the next section of the page. This is especially apparent on the mobile version of the website. It is also quite difficult to navigate to a part of the website where you can contact FACC, so we’d suggest making this a more prominent feature.

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