When it comes to your marketing efforts, there really is no room for mistakes. One simple error could be the difference between your audience getting on board with what you’re offering, and them walking away. So, how do you overcome the risk of sending out collateral – be it an email campaign, product literature or event flier – that isn’t flawless? The answer: quality assurance.

We’ll discuss what quality assurance (QA) is in relation to marketing, as well as looking at why it is an indispensable process you should be utilising across your marketing efforts. 

What is quality assurance? 

Quality assurance can be defined generally as:

A system for ensuring a desired level of quality in the development, production, or delivery of products and services”.

In relation to marketing, quality assurance can more specifically relate to checking marketing content for errors, usability issues, inconsistencies and the accuracy of content. This helps to ensure that your marketing efforts yield the best results, and that no business is lost due to avoidable mistakes. 

What do quality assurance services cover? 

The quality assurance services you find will depend on the company or agency you go to. Some will cover general tasks such as proofreading documents and collateral or checking for unprofessional looking and even embarrassing spelling, grammar and syntax errors. However, if you require a more comprehensive check on your materials, there are companies out there who will go that extra mile. With quality assurance services from a marketing agency like ExtraMile, you can have materials checked for:


  • Link issues
  • Effectiveness and flow of User Experience (UX)
  • Image and design inconsistencies
  • Brand digression
  • Inconsistencies in tone
  • Efficiency of responsive design

As well as marketing collateral, our QA team are also experienced in checking pages across whole websites before they go live. 

What benefit does quality assurance have on marketing? 

More impactful marketing
If you lack quality in your marketing, there is every chance that people will believe that your business offering lacks quality too. By ensuring you always put out well thought-out and accurate materials, your audience are much more likely to have confidence in your brand. 

Mistakes can cost money – and your reputation
Simply put, mistakes cost money. Maybe you’ve had billboards put up all over your region, and somehow managed to miss a pretty damning blunder?

Source: Mascola

Or perhaps you’ve spent thousands on your latest advertising campaign, only for one email to go out with a content error? This could cause countless people to dismiss you as a reputable and worthwhile company, ruining your chances with them for good. Remember, one small mistake can undo years of hard work.

Clear messaging
The importance of clear, consistent messaging across your brand is invaluable. With so many distractions grabbing the attention of your audience, it’s important to ensure that your marketing efforts hold their attention. Delivering a simple-to-follow flow of instructions that lead to your conversion, whatever it may be, is crucial. Making silly mistakes such as missing contact information, links to buy, or even a clear description of what you’re actually offering could kill your campaign in an instant.

Be assured of quality at every step with ExtraMile…

Accredited to ISO 9001:2015, you can be assured that ExtraMile will check every detail, at every stage of the process. To speak to a member of our team about QA services, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.