Let’s journey back to September 2015, where I first received an email from ‘Clark from Invision’ notifying me that Invision’s upcoming feature documentary ‘Design Disruptors’ was nearly ready. It took me a while to calm down from my excitement. After carefully following the progress for the months that followed, I finally received my invitation.

We had been invited to the European premiere in London! So in early July, Jack and I made our way over to our capital to get ourselves involved in one of the most exciting films for design made so far (in my opinion).

When we arrived, it was quite surreal. I saw many of the ‘cast’ of Invision standing outside the entrance taking photos (I joined in), to my disappointment though, I don’t think I saw Clark (guffaw). At this point it was a little while until the doors opened so we walked around the corner to grab a coffee. It was in this moment that I ‘accidentally’ brushed past one of my favourite designers, Tobias Van Schneider, who is one of the featured guests on the film and to my luck, the Q&A guest! It was in that moment everything was made very real.

As we waited, more and more people started to gather and it was so exciting to be standing with so many designers, all with the same level of passion and excitement for such a wonderful industry. When we finally got in there, we were given our ‘tickets’, which were a masterpiece in themselves, with the film name etched into a metal plate (I now have this on my wall). We got to our seats and we sat there patiently and waited for everything to start…

Design disruptors 2

Now about the film…

Design Disruptors for me really is a focused conversation piece, chronicling the sheer importance and power of design in our current (and future) industry climate. As a film, it moves with graceful narrative between opinion and fact, whilst featuring exclusive intel from some of the world’s leading design visionaries. It delves into how design has been brought through as the main currency of businesses and how design is used to disrupt and transform the way we perceive and think about the world around us.

There is so much I want to talk about with regards to this film, but I fear I’d be sitting here writing for too long. Instead, I’d like to focus on the film title, or rather the word ‘disruptor’…

There has been a lot of input within the team here about the use of this term and I think the general consensus is that the term in itself is a little negative, which in a literal sense it is. But for me, it’s more of a concept, an idea that a designer should disrupt the natural movement of our thoughts and process to step outside of the box. Design is about problem solving, it’s about making something more exciting, more visual and more purposeful. “Design is less about creating the future and more about proposing a possible future” (Recap: Design Disruptors World Premiere, InVision). For me, how else would you term it? Without some sort of ‘disruption’, how would you create something different, something that steps away from the norm. Now, I’m not saying that my job title should be changed to design disruptor, I’m not saying that at all. Disruption should be just part of the process, just part of the design journey and this is something that it brought through in the film in every sense.

Jack and I also recently visited Elsie Magazine Live! (I would highly recommend a look into as well!) and the word disruption was touched upon there as well. Les Jones, the creator of the magazine, stated that we should ‘disrupt our thinking’ to be creative and that really put that word into further perspective for me and iterated the importance of it in the ideology of design.

Going back to Design Disruptors, the film is riddled with powerful statements and insights into the purpose of design and to truly understand this more deeply, you just have to see it. Design is so multidisciplinary and it so amazing to see this being explored to such a level of detail and care, to see how all interpretations and ideas have been brought together into one creative masterpiece.

Thanks for listening to me drone on! Until the next time…

For more information about the film: https://www.designdisruptors.com
For information about Elsie Magazine: http://www.elsiemagazine.com

Written by Shannon Wright, Creative Manager at ExtraMile Communications.