2016 was a great year for design and for myself. Starting a new job here at ExtraMile and being involved in a forever growing and exciting industry. In this blog I’ll introduce you with an insight into the inspiring, interactive and immersive future of design in 2017.

But first… What’s been good about design in 2016?

The romance between design and SEO

There has definitely been sparks of romance between design and SEO this year as both areas have become more aware how of how well they both work together. How exactly?

Designers are now designing websites that have the spaces available for good quality content that the SEO team can utilise to improve the SEO rankings of a new/updated website.

SEO can rely on designers to create incredible visual designs for landing pages/sale pages to help improve the interaction and conversion from a PPC campaign.

Gradients are back, kind of.

There was a time not long ago where a designers credibility would be under scrutiny if they had any kind of gradient colour in their design. However are gradients making a comeback, or did they never disappear?

Gradients were disappearing for a number of reasons although the comeback could be down to the support that new web browsers have to allow us to create and utilise these gradients. We are now able to create these gradients using CSS and helps us to have even more creative freedom when it comes to creating designs that go that extra mile.

Why is everything moving?

2016 has been a year where we have seen an incredible surge of new innovations and possibilities that help to bring our website to life and create a more personal and immersive experience. The inclusion of animation and interactive elements have been created to help bridge the gap between the relationship a real life visitor and a computer screen have.

This helps websites to improve the experience the visitor has on their website and put them in the state of mind to enjoy and understand the message you are trying to impart.

Design in 2017

Here are a few things that I’m looking forward to this year…

Immersive Interaction Design

We have been doing a lot of research and development lately on the exciting prospect of creating a more immersive and interactive web experience, this is top secret research that we can’t tell you about just yet.

What would be the difference between a website and a immersive interactive design? Interactive experiences will be able to provide a more exciting environment for you to showcase your products or services. For example, you may have a new product upcoming that you want to advertise differently and turn it into a new exciting showcase. The new design experience will allow you to do this and create a more unique experience for your visitors to show off your product or service the best you can.

We’ll keep you up to date with how our research comes along.

Design crossover into Development

I have a keen interest in the world of web development and the crossover between design and development is forever improving, this is something that I’m excited about and hoping to see advance in 2017.

At ExtraMile we use a program called InVision to showcase all of our designs, InVision is a great tool to use and it’s getting even better. They recently released a beta tool that allows us to import a Photoshop design and inspect each layer to give us the CSS for some of our design elements. This is helping us to understand development more and more.

Thanks for reading, Jack.