Social media is fast becoming important in any business from small artisan cafes to huge manufacturing firms. It’s no longer suitable to have someone who knows a bit about Facebook and Twitter responsible for your social presence.

Having someone take care of your social media means you can reach a mass amount of people (and more importantly your target audience) with a few short words or a photograph.

If you’re anything like me (and probably 99% of the UK) when I’m looking for companies to provide a service, I immediately go to the web. Gone are the days of hauling out the dusty, old yellow pages.

I recently needed to find a cattery to take in my cat for a week whilst I’m on annual leave, something I’ve never had to search for before. Word of mouth still has its place in building your business, but making sure your company ranks high on a Google search is vital. Once I’d got a few names of local catteries from Google, I went straight to Facebook. For me, someone who keeps their Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram updated shows me that they connect with their customers. It builds trust between a company and its consumer and keeps that customer loyal to you and your services.

In my case, a company that didn’t even have a Facebook page really put me off. I chose the one that had a modern website, which included a video of the cattery itself and an interview owners, as well as a Facebook page where other customers had left positive reviews and comments and had put some photos on there. I even contacted them through Facebook to book my cat in. Being able to respond to your customers so quickly through social media can really help keep them engaged.

This is just my recent experience of how I use social media to look for goods and services and it’s a clear example for how you can use social media to your advantage and build your client base.

Does your business need help running its social media channels? The team at ExtraMile can create a bespoke social media plan, or set up targeted social media advertising (this places your advert in front of a relevant audience meaning that no ad spend is wasted!). Get in touch for a discussion about how we can help.

Written by Katy Richards, Business Coordinator at ExtraMile Communications.