We wanted to create something extra special, so we decided that I should have a go at creating a nice animation. We have something at ExtraMile called personal development or PD for short. This is where I have the opportunity to do some personal development, I know right… point out the obvious. This is where I can pick a topic to learn about that will help me at work and benefit the business. It was July when I wanted to get into more areas of design and the creative processes, which is why I decided to look at animation. I’d dabbled in this area previously in my own time so I had a little bit of past knowledge. I spent time in my PD working on different styles of animation and how to achieve the ideas that were buzzing around my head.

It was now time to put all of these skills into action and create the first ExtraMile Communications Instagram post. I’m still very far off from being anything close to a wizard of animation but I’ll get there one day. Before it all started I thought, I have a blog coming up in August, maybe I could do it on animation? So, I decided to record my screen during the whole process and speed it up into a nice video. You can take a look at this below.

You can also check out the post here, like it if you want.

This animation is the start of what I want to achieve and I have already learned so much about how I can improve my process the next time I create an animation. If you watch the video you will notice that the end result is my third design. In the future I will break down the animation into steps to make sure the creation process is as efficient as possible.

  1. What is the subject of my animation?
  2. What parts of the animation do I want to animate?
  3. How do I want the design to work with this animation?
  4. Create the design of the entire animation scene
  5. Work on the animated elements separately
  6. Finally, bring the design and animation together

Hopefully, using these steps I will be able to create and animate even more efficiently.

Thanks again for reading, until next time.