ExtraMile Communications Ltd is committed to environmental responsibility and, as such, undertakes to minimise waste and to maximise energy efficiency in its day-to-day operation. This means that, in our daily work, we consider the environment in everything that we do and are committed to the prevention of pollution.

ExtraMile Communications Ltd complies with relevant UK Environmental Laws and EU Environmental Directives in its operations, and subscribes to the Government’s strategies for sustainable development.

Practical policies and targets are in place to minimise ExtraMile Communications Ltd’s environmental impact, including: 

  • Reducing waste through re-use and recycling of materials
  • Reducing energy consumption by using energy-efficient devices
  • Encouraging clients to use email marketing rather than paper-based direct marketing
  • Use of telephone conferencing to reduce business travel 
  • Campaigning within the local community to improve recycling facilities and encourage environmental awareness

Our offices at Kern House, Brooms Road, Stone Business Park, Stone, have been developed with the environment in mind. This includes significant insulation and secondary double-glazing, low power LED lighting throughout the building and an energy-efficient boiler to provide heat and hot water.


Environmental Policy

As part of our induction programme for new staff, we include consideration of the environment and ensure that all staff are familiar with recycling processes, the minimising of waste and reduction in travel wherever possible.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our Environmental Policy to further reduce our environmental impact. We welcome visitors to come and see how we are working with Staffordshire Business and Environment Network to develop our green credentials.

This Environmental Policy is made available to all staff as part of their induction and will be provided to any and all subcontractors that work at ExtraMile Communications Ltd’s offices in Stone.

ExtraMile Communications Ltd is ISO 14001:2015 accredited.

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