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The ExtraMile design team is committed to the growth and expansion of your business through innovation, creativity and advanced UX.

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The Importance Of Great Design

Strong, influential design has a powerful impact on the ability to transform your company’s presence, online and offline, as well as on the world at large. All visual communications you put out, whether through your website, social media platforms or printed material, contribute to creating a ‘brand experience’ for your customers and prospects.

What Is Design?

Design has the power to change people’s minds and helps them connect with the message you are trying to convey. Our integrated approach means our designers work closely with Search Engine Marketing, Web Design & Development and Quality Assurance to ensure that what we create is both visually engaging and fit for purpose in growing your business

What We Deliver

Make an impact with a bespoke design for your company’s web presence. A great design is all about reflecting and restating your brand values, sharing with visitors what you stand for and building confidence in your company’s offering.

It’s also about engagement – maximising the chances that visitors will stay on the site, read content, follow links, investigate your products and services and, ultimately, ask for more information or purchase.

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User Experience

Your website is the place where your customers interact with your business and brand. Whether a customer has a positive or negative interaction with your organisation is determined by elements of your website such as: navigation, ease of access, aesthetics, where information is stored and how this information is presented – to name but a few.

Essentially, these factors encompass the User Experience (UX) delivered by your website. UX is now one of the most important ranking factors considered by search engines such as Google and, as such, is an incredibly important consideration when designing or updating your site.

How We Can Help: Our Creative Design Services

At ExtraMile, our design services encompass digital, visual and strategy/support options, providing our clients with a brand-led component that underpins each project.

We bring fresh ideas to suit your marketing strategy, with services including digital design for websites and emails, consultancy, competitor analysis, visual/print design for a variety of marketing materials, brand and logo design, strategic and long-term support and budget management.


Digital Design

Make an impact with a bespoke design for your company’s web presence


Visual & Print Design

Online branding, brochures, exhibition stands, wraps, flyers and more


Design Strategy & Support

Consultancy, discovery, design research and strategic thinking

Who You’ll Collaborate With On Your Design Project

Design is a very organic, collaborative process, and the ExtraMile team are passionate about working with you to craft unique design solutions that bring your brand to life and ‘speak’ to your audience.

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As experts in all things design, ExtraMile are committed to driving businesses forward through the power of design to help your business achieve its online potential.

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ExtraMile by name, ExtraMile by nature… we’ll go above and beyond to meet your digital marketing needs.