Posted 2nd November 2009 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

There's no particular secret to writing good email content. A few tips will help you create something that is engaging, interesting and effective.

Keep it brief - waffly copy usually says that you have not thought out your message. What do you want to say? What will hit the reader between the eyes? Say it
Don't tell the whole story - emails should be teasers to get people to click through to your website. What's going to excite people? What is the essence of the story? Put the story on a web page and put a prcis of it in your mail
Keep the language simple - don't use jargon, unless it's absolutely essential. Think to yourself, "Would I say this standing at the bar?" If you wouldn't ... don't
Think "Headline. Message. Call to action." - it's a simple formula that wins
Have a great subject line - it's the thing that makes people open the mail
Personalise if at all possible - people like to feel they are being talked to
It's all about making an impact. You can do that in so many ways, but the words will be the clincher.

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