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Day 1

I started my day by being greeted by Emma, who then introduced me to the team and gave me a tour of the office.

She then gave me a Work Experience program which outlined what I would be doing each day and also a form to fill out regarding health and safety etc. Once she had introduced me to everyone, we had a bit of time to spare, so I spent this by looking at the current ExtraMile website and how it could be improved/updated.

Once I had done this for around half an hour, I met Philippa, who talked to me about writing blogs, the monthly newsletter and the Projects Schedule (which we then proceeded to update). It was interesting to see how every project was managed and how organised they all are! (She insisted it was boring, but it wasn't that bad!)

Afterwards, I spent the remainder of the time before lunch looking at the ExtraMile website, the RAR Awards and the Awwwards. This proved to be fairly interesting, and I made some notes. Then we had lunch, which was a really relaxed environment where everyone had a chat about what we had been up-to.

After lunch I spent an interesting time with Peter and he told me all about the Account Manager's role and what it involved. He told me about the importance of checking translations on websites and emails.

When I had finished talking to Peter I spent a really interesting hour with Andy, we talked about his current projects and daily lists. But what I enjoyed most was the coding aspect; he showed me some basic HTML and a good website for tutorials.

Day 2

I started off the day by talking to Nick, who told me about Alsecco and the upcoming meeting I was going to attend with them. He told me about the Technical Director's role and about the products and services ExtraMile provides.

After this was the meeting; we started off by waiting in the meeting room however we discovered that Alsecco thought that we were meeting them at their offices! So Matt drove me and Nick over to Alsecco in Stone. The meeting was very interesting and I learnt a lot about how the customer's ideas are turned into a design brief, which the designers can then use to create the first website designs, tailored to suit the customers' requirements. After this we had lunch.

Once lunch was finished, I spent an hour with Annabel, looking at SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and content writing. It was interesting to see how websites can be optimised to be higher on the search engine rankings.

Afterwards I spent an hour and a half with Matt; he showed me his past and present projects. I was really impressed with how good all of the websites looked and how much thought he had put into each of them. He also showed me a few tricks/shortcuts to use in Photoshop which I'm sure will be useful tomorrow when I work with Anita.

Day 3

This morning I started off with Anita, looking at the process of designing a website and the structure that makes up one. This was really interesting and I saw how 'Joomla!' was used.

Afterwards I worked with James, who showed me the Sales Manager's role and what that entailed. It was interesting to see how each client is managed within the company and how busy he was! He's also a Stoke fan, so that's a good thing!

Before lunch I worked with Nima, who showed me some new EMC website designs she had been working on. We spent most of the time on Photoshop she showed me many useful things which I didn't know how to do before. After dinner I was with Nima again; we started to develop some of the ideas we had had about the EMC website, she was really helpful and we came up with some good designs.

Day 4

Today I spent most of the morning working on the EMC website ideas, and then we had the weekly catch-up. It was interesting to see how each project was being managed and how far the team had got with each one. This took around 40 minutes, afterwards I returned to working on the EMC website, I also decided to try and learn some HTML.

After lunch we had the EMC website content meeting, where we decided what content would go where on the website. Stuff like, what would be in each category/page on the website. This took around an hour and was it was interesting to see how much thought has to go into each website. Afterwards I did more on the HTML and the EMC website.

At the end of the day I was with Gabrielle and she helped me to fill in my Work Experience booklet and we talked about how I had been doing during the week.

Day 5

Today I started off with Annabel, having a go at writing some example Meta Titles and Descriptions. Afterwards I worked with Philippa adding content to the United Bright Bar website. It was interesting to see how this was done. Afterwards I worked with Annabel again, and she showed me how to add the meta information to Joomla!. Then we looked at creating some SEO pages that were focused on specific keywords, and looked at how header tags and relevant images could fit into these pages.

Then we had lunch, after which I did some more work on Photoshop and some work on HTML. Afterwards I was talking to Ean about what I had been up to during the week. He also helped me fill in some of my Work Experience booklet - we may have gone a bit off topic talking about cryptocurrency etc. But it was quite interesting and it was nice to get to know him, since he had been ill most of the week, so I hadn't had chance to talk to him.

Well that's me finished; it feels like this week has gone quite quickly! I've enjoyed my time at ExtraMile and everyone has been really helpful and friendly. It's not easy for them to make time in their busy schedule to help teach me so thanks a lot for your time guys! Hopefully I've repaid them with the biscuits I brought in!

Finally, I just want to say thanks to everyone at ExtraMile for letting me come in and I've enjoyed all of it!

Written by Liam Mather, Year 10 Work Experience at ExtraMile Communications


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