Posted 21st May 2012 | By Peter Voss, Account Manager

We have already touched on the need to ensure that your email marketing is timely and accurate (so as to avoid the wrath of the pedants), but have you ever considered when might be the most appropriate time to launch your latest product to the world?

The best way to consider when might be best to send your email is to consider when you read the commercial email that you receive. Monday? Probably not, as you are too busy catching up with all the work-related emails that have hit your inbox since midday on Friday.
Friday? Definitely not, as youll be dealing with the work-related emails that youve received (and avoided) through the week, so that you can feel virtuous when you leave the office.

So, that leaves Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but when is best? And what if there is a public holiday in the week? Well, in the UK that means that you can usually write off Monday, Tuesday and Friday. In France, if the holiday falls on a Tuesday, you can write off every day except Thursday - as most of the population will take a bridging holiday on the Monday, too!

Your next decision is when on the golden days should you send? Again timing is everything; a mail hitting a client or prospects inbox before 10.00 is probably going to get lost in all those important work-related emails that arrive first thing. After 16.30 then, unless you know you are sending to a personal (as opposed to a work) email address, in all likelihood it will not be looked at until the following day when it will get lost in that days urgent emails. So, you have a window of opportunity that you should be aiming for, roughly between 10.00 and 16.00, to ensure you have the best chance that your email will be read.

Sending an email to clients or prospects in other countries and time zones adds a further layer of complexity. Technically, Europe has 4 time zones, but as ever, its not that simple - if you include all of Russia then thats another 7! And then there is daylight saving time (we dont all have it) sending a mail at 13.30 London time in June means that someone in Reykjavik will get it at 12.30 (local time), Paris at 14.30, Helsinki at 15.30, Moscow at 16.30 and Vladivostok at 00.30, tomorrow!

So the moral of the tale is pick your day and time well to make sure that you get your message to your clients and prospects. At ExtraMile Communications we have nearly 12 years of experience of email marketing across Europe and can provide you with help and guidance to ensure that your message gets seen.

Peter from ExtraMile Communications Ltd in Eccleshall, Staffordshire.

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