Posted 25th February 2011 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

There are so many reasons to blog that to list them all would be impossible. It's a question we get asked a good deal by clients, and the answer we give them is rarely the same.

So, below are our top 9 (top 10's are so pass!) reasons for a business to blog:
1) Blogging is a way to increase engagement with your stakeholders. It increases your brands communication on a regular basis, leading to more engaged consumers.
2) Blogging is a place to share your knowledge. If your website is your shop window then a blog is the equivalent of the friendly shopkeeper. With the blog you can display how much you know about your product/market in a simple and informal way.
3) Blogging can increase search engine visibility. A blog post naturally contains keywords, if you combine that with keyword category names and tags and Google will be left in no doubt about the keywords your blog should appear for.
4) Blogging makes your content easily available. Most blogs are easily syndicated, meaning your content can spread like wildfire leading to contact with consumers you would never have reached. This exposure can mean you become considered an industry expert.
5) Blogging is another way to increase your digital presence. A blog allows you to really promote your brand, by being the person who creates content you get increased exposure which is much better than simply being the person who points to content and increasing someone elses exposure.
6) Blogging is easy. Blog software is simple to use and a very cost effective way of marketing your business.
7) Blogging builds an archive. Email newsletters, tweets, facebook and websites are all fairly transient, once they've been posted or replaced they disappear (hopefully increasing your profile before they do!). With a blog you can build a searchable archive of information that can be a real benefit to your customers.
8) Blogging is immediate. If you need to react to current events a blog can be the best way to do it, if you're next email newsletter isn't scheduled for 3 weeks then an article about current events on a blog can be useful.
9) Blogging can hit a niche. A blog post directed at a niche market is peppered with keywords and can outline exactly why your business is beneficial to that niche market, and it's much easier to get a higher ranking on search engines for niche markets.
A blog shouldn't replace your other online marketing efforts like email marketing or a website but it should supplement those offerings to give your customers another way to interact with your business.
Ean from ExtraMile Communications Ltd
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