Posted 17th August 2011 | By Peter Voss, Account Manager

How often do you check your spam folder?

And when you do, do you ever notice a similarity (beyond the knock-off pharmaceuticals and watches) in the subject lines of this spam? Next time you delve into the recesses of your junk bucket have a look to see how many of the subject lines also contain one of the following - £, $ or €.

Spam filters really dislike currency symbols; they're not too keen on the words pound, dollar and euro either. So quite often email, from even trusted sources, can end up being junked by your email client simply because the subject line contains a price. So when you want to highlight, to your customers and prospects, the unbelievable deal you have on your latest widget, you need to think carefully about where exactly you publish the price.

Obviously the higher up the email the bargain price appears, the more chance you have of people seeing it; most people rarely scroll beyond the fold of a commercial email. So to make sure they know how good your latest deal is, you need to make sure theyll see it with even a cursory glance.

Telling people that you have a special price on something is a good way to direct them to your website and to hopefully gain their custom. However, if your bargain price is not reflected on your website then you will obviously disappoint potential customers and potentially be in breach of Advertising Standards Authority regulations. This is especially true if your special deal is time limited, as you cannot guarantee that all those you email will read the mail in the time period of the offer. Therefore, you need to cover for this eventuality and one way of doing this is with a caveat such as Prices are as of dd/mm/yyyy and are subject to change.

And finally if you are so keen on telling the world that you have this fantastic deal that you mention the price several times in the same email please make sure you have the same price throughout the email. Dont do what one of Europes 4* airlines recently did their bargain price of €353 return (to Delhi) in the headline turned out to actually be €525 return. It took them precisely 54 minutes to get out an email to correct the error, but the damage had already been done!

Peter from ExtraMile Communications Ltd in Eccleshall, Staffordshire.

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