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A website is vital to every business as it is a powerful marketing tool and some small businesses are not aware of this. In today's society people look online to find out about a certain company, or information on products or services they are looking for.

By not having a website you will be missing out on many business opportunities that could lead your business to grow.

For instance, if you do not have a website for your business this could give the outlook that your business is small. With that impression some people may assume companies don't take as much pride in their business. By not having a website it will be harder to grow a good reputation. This could make it hard to make a sales pitch. However due to the internet, the size of your business may not be as important because, by having a website, people will have the impression that the business must be bigger and more successful.

Many small businesses may think that having a website is costly, but by having even a simple site, it can gain you sale pitches. It may actually be cost effective, as when having a website you know how much the site will cost, whereas when having a store the cost of things can vary due to unexpected events like breaking in and damages that occur.

Another advantage is that the business will be operating 24/7 as the website is available at anytime for customers to access when they want, which is great considering people's lifestyles are different than others. This allows the customers to be updated about the business and not miss out on any news. This means the business will be getting many new customers purchasing from them allowing the business to gain profit and grow.

By having a website you get the chance to show people why you are trustworthy by adding a client feed with testimonials and business history. Through this people will talk about the good service and recommend it to another person, gaining customer loyalty with exiting and new customers.

With a website you can create your own business identity through having your own unique selling point to connect with your customers. It allows you to stand out from your competitors with a well laid-out and appealing website, leading to a good impact with search engine rankings.

Written by Nima Sultana Miah, Web Designer at ExtraMile Communications.

At ExtraMile we try to take an hour out each week to look around us at what others do and to gain inspiration and to admire people's creativity. Each post in this series is one staff member's take on the world of web, design and things online. We hope you enjoy it.


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