Posted 23rd May 2016 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

Whether it's content for a blog, ideas for your newsletter or simply what should you post on social media, getting ideas of what to write can be a real day-to-day challenge for business owners and marketing staff. So, how is it that some companies manage to keep up a seemingly inexhaustible flow of good content, while others struggle to post a tweet more than once a week?


This article makes some suggestions about what you can consider for your themes and where inspiration might lie. Let's take as a start the simple requirement to post stuff on social media - where can you get inspiration? To start with, ask yourself a few questions - think "now" - use the moment and what happens in it. Don't just think of yourself - what outside content is useful and relevant?

  • What's happening?
  • How's business?
  • How are you feeling and why?
  • What are your customers doing, or what are you doing for them?
  • What's exciting? Where can people see it?
  • What have you seen that's relevant and where was it?
  • Where are you going and what are you doing there?
  • Who did you meet and why do you rate them?
  • What's hot and why?

Your content isn't always generated internally for social media - looking beyond the company to places where things happen that are associated with or influence your business are also a good bet. BBC News or Huffington Post can be good places to start, but look at where you find information and point people to some good bits - they'll thank you for it.

As far as content in your company blog or newsletters is concerned, how about looking at some of the following:

Your products and services - do you have resources to tell people how better to use your products: hints and tips always go down well - videos, white papers, info sheets? Tell them about them. And are there new editions released or upcoming? What's great about the new features and why do customers need it - don't be too salesy though. People want to read content, not sales puff.

Your staff and premises - people buy from people they know, so tell them about yourself and your company. Who's been hired and promoted? What's a day like doing this person's job? What's the company achieved lately - awards and big deals? Where did you come from and where are you going - what's next? Who's employee of the month and why? What's your Net Promoter Score and why is it so high? Use pics and bios to make your team human to your customers. What were you doing a year, two years ago and how does it compare with now?

Can we help? - are there places to find simple answers to customer questions? What are the most frequent ones? What's the best way to fix this problem?

Your company out there - are you exhibiting or speaking? Is there new press coverage about you or are you working in partnership with another company? What are you doing for the community - what are your Corporate Social Responsibility priorities?

Reminders - prompt people to subscribe to your social media channels with the promise of regular, useful information and tips. Point people to previous articles - just because they were written last year doesn't always mean they're dead in the water.

In fact, just write! There's so much to say unless you're a company that has spent the past ten years stuffing cotton wool balls into plastic bags. And, even if that is what you do, how has the quality changed? Do you have new processes to make the stuffing more efficient? Have you managed to drop per unit cost by efficient practices? Are you looking for new channels to export your product to Greece? Yes, there's always something to say - you just need to find what it is.

Nick Evans from ExtraMile.


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