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Last week, Lorna joined us here at ExtraMile for a week of work experience. She had an action packed week full of design, SEO, blogging and tweeting. As part of her work experience, Lorna put together the following blog detailing her time at ExtraMile. We're glad she enjoyed her time with us :)


Monday 11th July

Today, at 09:00, I was greeted at the door by the lovely Katy who took me to meet Ean. I started off my week with a tour of the office, being introduced to the team and told what everyone does.  We then went through all the necessary health and safety procedures and client confidentiality before Ean explained about his role as the Operations Director and what that includes (turns out there's an awful lot he has to do).  James then talked to me about his role as the Sales and Marketing Manager and the systems he uses. I found myself thoroughly interested in the systems and marketing tactics they use.

Next, Gabrielle explained about her role as Managing Director and also the ExtraMile ethos (to go the extra mile for their customers- go figure, it's all in the name). She then told me about how ExtraMile has grown over the years from her and Nick in a couple of rooms to sixteen (and increasing) employees in a pretty impressive two-story office. Gabrielle also explained her vision, what the company aspires to be in the future, which I really enjoyed as it is clear she, along with everyone else, is extremely passionate about it.
Before I know it, it's time for lunch and I choose to go get something from the nearby shops and pop in to see my parents.

After an hour, I return to ExtraMile and sit down on some super comfy sofas to talk to Katy about her role, mostly consisting of admin and complicated paperwork. She also showed me some of the systems they use to keep track of finances and workload; they make A LOT of lists, maybe I should start doing that... Anyway, Mark then explained to me what a Web Developer's role includes before briefing me on their current projects.

Finally, I explored ExtraMile's website and, well, wrote this feeling incredibly excited for the week ahead. For once, I can't wait for tomorrow morning!

Tuesday 12th July

The first thing I did today was talk to Peter about his job as the Account Manager. He also told me about the fire training, ISO9001 and ISO14001. Shannon, the Lead Designer, then set me a task of finding some photos that could be used on ExtraMile's website to represent their ethos. That was quite tricky but I really enjoyed it and hope I did okay! After that, Andy T explained to me about the Web Development process and his role as the Studio Manager before teaching me a few bits of code to put together a simple web page (nothing like the amazingly detailed websites ExtraMile produce, but I was quite proud of it regardless).

When I came back from lunch, I met Andy K who told me about his role as the Project Coordinator, keeping all the clients happy and making sure the projects run smoothly. Philippa then briefly explained to me about her role as the Account Manager for Garmin and about the project schedule, blogs and their newsletter. She then set me some work, to write the subtitles for three tutorial videos and to put together a Corporate Event Planning checklist.

Wednesday 13th July 

This morning, Umar, a Web Developer, showed me some of the websites he is currently working on and what systems they use to create them. He showed me the templates they create and how they alter bits as they go along and the client makes amendments.

After, I was with Jade who told me about Search Engine Optimisation and how keywords, along with frequently updating your website with blogs and great content get your website higher up the results page. She also told me about the Advanced Engineering event in November that ExtraMile are going to take part in and got me to have a go at writing some tweets to promote their stand. Next, I started to edit their template for the monthly blog roundup email for the July edition. Coming back from Lunch, I met back up with Shannon (the very talented Lead Designer) and she went through her role and showed me the design process she uses along with some of her completed projects. Next, we played a game where we had a minute to draw as many things possible that were related to a particular word. That was probably the most fun I'd had in ages and it was also a really good exercise in that it encouraged you to think laterally (outside the box), I'll defiantly play that again. Thanks Shannon. Finally, as you may be able to guess by now, I added to this. I think today has probably been my favourite day here so far, it just seems to get better and better!

Thursday 14th July

Once I arrived, Jack, a Web Designer, showed me some of the projects he is currently working on. Another thing Jack showed me was a few useful websites and software that I could use if I decide to pursue a career in design (which is looking increasingly likely). After, Shannon tasked me with putting together some sort of brief and inspiration for a new ExtraMile logo. Once she showed me some websites to use, I managed to create one which I hope is sufficient.

During Lunch today, I went home to visit my dog and my dad which I know isn't relevant but he looked so adorable trying to figure out why I was home early (my dog not my dad!)

I got back with enough time to grab a hot chocolate and attend the weekly catch-up where the team go through how far they are with each of their projects. I don't think I really registered how many different project they have on the go until then! I next, rather apprehensively at first, attempted to draw some logo designs, using the brief I made earlier. I've only done a few drawings so far but I really enjoyed creating them, whether they are actually any good I have yet to find out! I'm starting to admire Jade and Philippa even more now; this writing a blog malarkey is so much harder than they make it look!

Friday 15th July 

So, it's my last day today, this week went really quickly! In the morning, I continued working on my logo designs, sketching out any ideas that came to my head, granted most of them didn't turn out very well but there are a few I'm proud of. After lunch, I had a go at creating a couple of magazine advertisements before going back to my logo design project. I'd pretty much run out of ideas by then so it was mainly just neatening them up and picking out my favourites. I ended my day going through my designs with Shannon before collecting a sheet that Ean had to fill in for my school saying how I had done (I don't want to look!)

I can't thank everyone at ExtraMile enough for letting me spend a week here, I've had such a good time learning from them and I now have a much clearer picture of design and what it would be like to work in a small business. I'm not going to lie, I was really nervous when I arrived, but everyone made me feel really welcome and at ease.

Well, I guess that's my blog finished, I hope I haven't bored you too much, but there was just so much to write about!


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