Posted 6th January 2010 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

Making sure your emails are effective is an important part of success in email marketing. Writing good content is, of course, important. But how do you know whether it could be better, unless you have something against which you can compare it?

We've discussed how the subject line is your one chance - and it's the single area that most influences the success or otherwise of your mailing. So, why not find out whether a different subject line makes a difference to your open and click rates?
Simply divide your subscribers into two or more segments - you can do it with a single list if you have provided some flags by which you can isolate one group from another. Now, create two or more versions of your creative - each with a different subject line. Then, send, test and learn. You'll be surprised at the differences between the groups.

Nick from ExtraMile Communications in Staffordshire


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