Posted 13th November 2009 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

The steady drip of marketing information readies a potential customer for that magic moment when, with apparent serendipity, an email arrives in their inbox just as they are thinking about products or services in your area.

This process of catching them when it's just right is a magic formula that's down to understanding your customers and sensing their levels of resistance to your messaging.
Some email marketers believe in the mantra, 'More is more'. But how much is too much? How often should you mail customers and prospects? What's the tipping point when permission turns to objection and your emails are flagged as junk?
Only you know your customers and your products. Does your product line change weekly? Are there special promotions that consumers may not want to miss ... or are you simply wanting to maintain your profile - keeping in their face on an occasional basis so that they don't forget you.
Experience has everything to do with this call that you need to make. Trial and error can be costly when your subscribers unsubscribe in droves. Keep an eye on those statistics and remember that marketing with permission implies a contract between you and the permitter. That needs some respect.

Nick from ExtraMile Communications


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