Posted 12th October 2017 | By Katy Richards, Business Coordinator

That’s right… Christmas. Love it or hate it, there’s really no escaping it. And yes, it does seem to get earlier every year, so why not embrace it!

Hearing about Christmas before December can be irritating... but when it comes to planning ahead, where your business is concerned, it really does pay off.

The Christmas Party

Places get booked up quickly for Christmas parties so it’s always best to start looking into venues and activities around August-September believe it or not. After all, your staff work hard all year, it’s great to have a big blow out and forget about spreadsheets and figures for a day. Just make sure you’re not the one everyone’s talking about the next day in the office after too many mulled wines!

Christmas Marketing

Every year companies battle out to have the most talked about Christmas advert, I already can’t wait to see what John Lewis have up their sleeves for 2017. A successful Christmas marketing campaign can generate increased sales throughout the rest of the year so planning in good time can really pay off. Who’d have thought that when the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck launched onto our screens in winter 1995 that it would still be a Christmas icon 22 years later. I can’t believe there’s anyone that doesn't feel the festive spirit when they hear ‘Holidays are Coming’.

Christmas Closedown

Nearly all businesses will close down for Christmas at some point, even Scrooge let Bob Cratchit have a day off in the end. Keep in mind companies will likely have fewer staff in over the festive period so it’s always best to get those invoices and purchase orders in before everyone’s gone home for a mince pie. It’s the same for your own business. Be aware of the staff that will be in over December, plan what you can do with the staff and time that you have available. It’s also a good idea to have a plan for any calls and emails you’ll get when the office is closed.


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