Posted 8th September 2012 | By ExtraMile

Nick Evans, our Technical Director, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2012!

We’re all excited by this huge recognition – but we won’t know whether he’s won until 16th October when Nick attends the awards ceremony. Whether he wins or not, this is a huge accolade for someone who has spent much of his career helping businesses to grow. All fingers are crossed!

A word or two from the man himself:
“Since we started the company in April 2000, our client base has expanded into many different sectors. From my point of view, this has been an exciting learning experience and an opportunity to meet new people and walk through the doors of innovative ventures that want to use our services.”

What you might not know about Nick:

  • He’s been published in the iBook Store: A Student’s Guide to Research Questionnaires and Surveys
  • He learned his favourite party trick on a cruise around the Canaries. A mind-boggling brain-teaser involving two corks and two thumbs – ask him to show you!
  • He’s lived in 15 different places throughout his life, including Newport in South Wales and Grimsby – but has been settled in Staffordshire for the last 10 years.
  • He can cook, “I was trained during a spell on a hotel management course after I left school at 15” says Nick.

And P.S. his speciality dish is yummy kedgeree – lunch is on you then, Nick!


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