Posted 8th September 2009 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

Your marketing email's subject line is your one chance to hook people in. Get it wrong and you'll be consigned to the trash before you can say "wastebasket".

More people will read your subject line than will read the message itself. Many emails simply go unread because the subject line does not grab people's attention.
Here are some pointers from years of experience (sounds old, but wise ...?) to make the most of your opportunity:
DON'T USE CAPITALS - no one likes to be shouted at
Don't use in-jokes - no one will get them
Don't use "Save", "Free", exclamation marks (one is bad enough, two or three is an imprisonable offence) - your mail is very likely to be caught by the spam filter
Don't tell the whole story in the subject line - give a brief hook that will encourage people to read the mail itself (40 - 60 characters is about ideal)
Do try to be clever - something catchy, clever or witty will pull in readers
Know your audience - ensure the content of the subject line presses their buttons
There's plenty more ...

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