Posted 5th May 2011 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

Small businesses need to rely on good suppliers to support them - but what makes a good/great supplier? We know what WE think that small businesses want from their suppliers, but is it correct?

Here are some sample comments received over the past few days:
Suppliers that will deliver what they say they will
Prices up front so that a great proposal is not hit in the guts by a corporate price structure
Products that are designed for the startup business
Great service! It just doesn't work if the product is good but the service lousy.

Here at ExtraMile Communications Ltd, we've been addressing these issues very seriously because we believe it makes a huge difference to whether clients keep buying from us and whether new clients are attracted in.
We've taken a major step for formalising the processes in everything we do, by gaining quality accreditation ISO 9001. This means that we take care with every step of your project and have procedures to ensure everything works the way you expect.
So, what does your business look for in a supplier? Have we got it? If we haven't, then how do we get it?
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Nick from ExtraMile Communications Ltd.
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