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For the past 2 months, I have been an SEO intern at ExtraMile Communications, and have taken on a variety of tasks to assist Annabel in her job as ExtraMile’s SEO Specialist.

I have visited several times before for work experience, and it seems that I can’t stay away! Now that my time here is drawing to a close, I’ve reflected upon a few questions about my experience here and what I've learnt.

What did you hope to learn about digital marketing and SEO at the beginning of your internship?

Before I started I knew very little, and although I knew what SEO was, and the effect that it had on a site, I had a limited understanding of how to go about optimising a site for a certain set of keywords. During my time here, I hoped to understand the workings behind a fully optimised site, the different methods of getting to that point, and to be able to understand (and possibly contribute towards) the many ways in which a site can be optimised for Google.

And what did you end up learning in your time here?

In my time at ExtraMile, I have learnt everything I hoped to and more! I have received expert SEO training and advice from Annabel, who has been great at explaining the many techniques and stages of SEO - I’ve been able to assist her with several aspects of her work.

As well as SEO, I've briefly assisted in other areas of web design and development, which has given me a well rounded view of the process of designing and building a successful website, all the way from initial sketches, to writing content, to inputting data.

How important do you think it is for clients to stay on top of their SEO?

The main thing I have learnt about SEO these past couple of months is that it is all about continually improving the quality of your website content to provide an engaging and informative experience for visitors and a seamless experience for search engines. This includes meta data, product and service updates, layout, user experience and engaging blogs - it all adds up to make a huge difference to the rankings of a site. It’s also not just about what is on your site, but how people are accessing your site, for example via social media or emails. The quote “If you build it, they will come” sadly does not apply to websites; you can build the most beautiful website, but if it hasn't been optimised, how will people find it? Nobody will know that it is there, and so it’s very important for clients to keep on top of their marketing activity.

SEO increases the chance of your website appearing at the top of the first page of Google search results, or if you’re a new site, it can help you to simply appear on google search results! Besides, it’s the first page that you want to appear on, because who looks at the second page? (If you ever have, you must have been desperate!)

Why does Google provide pages and pages worth of results if people don’t go past the first one?

That’s a good question...

Any website within the thousands of results that Google gathers for you could hold the answer to your question, but because it hasn't been optimised, it is not at the top of your search. Google gathers all of the sites that hold relevant information, so maybe the answer you're looking for is on the second page…

How do you think the SEO might change in the next couple of years?

With SEO continually progressing, and more and more people turning to the web for answers to their questions, clients need to provide a great, engaging web experience so that the customer doesn't even need to click on lists of search results. Optimising the experience of the user is also a key factor that is taken into account with SEO, and I think that this aspect will continue to become the forefront of SEO.

How has your overall experience been at ExtraMile Communications?

I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my time here, from all the work I've been doing and everything I have learnt to all the great people I have met and the new friends I have made. :)

Written by Pippa Spencer, SEO intern at ExtraMile Communications


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