Posted 3rd December 2012 | By Nick Evans, Chairman

With 5.9 billion mobile phone subscriptions and 145 million emails sent Every. Single. Day, it's no wonder top organisations are adapting to the new breed of email marketing: Responsive Email.

These mobile and tablet friendly emails automagically adjust their layout for optimum display on any device. Meaning you make a clear, strong impression on your audience.

Now is the time to adapt.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube see millions of users per day and are pivotal for online marketing, but it's email alone that has stood the test of time.

The volume of emails being sent and received by more and more people is growing exponentially. Clearly, email is the medium of choice for the majority and so, the obvious place for any business with a marketing plan to focus their minds.

The landscape of email marketing has shifted; we can help you to keep up. Vast numbers of users view your company messages on phones and tablets, sometimes exclusively. And that proportion using mobile is growing. Every day.

So what?

Well - we all know that time to grab attention is limited, so anything like having to zoom-in or scroll sideways to read your email, is simply a barrier between your customer and purchase.

Think about it, if your email's design, layout, font size and structure adapt to the differing screens of desktops, phones and tablets; viewing them becomes simpler. More appealing. More persuasive.

Invaluable when, as you know, one mistake could lose your customer's attention forever.

We've done it for websites. So now, upgrade your trusted email marketing artillery for the 21st century: contact our team of Responsive Email aficionados for friendly guidance.

Nick Evans from ExtraMile


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