Posted 4th February 2011 | By ExtraMile

Your email marketing campaigns are a great way to get to the people you know: your clients and your prospects. But how do you get to those people you don't know?

One way is to use forwarding technology that allows the recipient of the email to forward it to up to five friends at a time, along with a little message from the recipient saying "I saw this and thought of you". However, effective though that is, it is limited to those few friends - although they might forward it themselves and so on.
Even more effective is a technique which allows you to get to the people you don't know. Interested? It's simple. Add a Facebook 'Like' icon and a Twitter 'Tweet' icon to your email and you give your recipients an opportunity to share the entire message with their social network community. Leading email marketing firms (like ExtraMile Communications) already provide this functionality built-in and allow you to track the number of social media references you receive.
Make sure you add the options to share on social networks to your website and any articles you link to from your mail, some people might not want to share your entire mail so giving them the option to share just one article or webpage is better than them not sharing your message at all.
Dont think that your email marketing is enough, or that engaging with social media is enough. Combining the two creates a powerful tool for your marketing efforts, you cant afford to neglect either of them.
Social media spread your reach not only to your subscribers' networks but to their friends' networks and beyond. It's truly viral!

Nick and Ean from ExtraMile Communications Ltd.


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