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So, a bit of fun for the Jubilee weekend. With huge apologies to The Smiths, we present our 10 top tips for ensuring your online content is up to the mark.

1. The Queen Is Dead
Read everything through before you publish - that may sound obvious, but reading something through after you have typed it will allow you to review whether you have actually...

2. Bigmouth Strikes Again
Use a spell checker - you might not have actually typed what you intended to type

3. What Difference Does It Make?
Never trust a spell checker - remember a spell checker knows that affect is correct, but if you actually meant to write effect it will not pick this up as a mistake

4. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
Can you substantiate any claim that you are making? If you cant, you need to remove it. If you can, do you need to qualify the claim?

5. William, It Was Really Nothing
Get somebody else to read it - a second pair of eyes will often see things that you have missed

6. Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
Click every link! Is there actually a link there? Is it linking to the right place?

7. Is it Really So Strange?
Check what it looks like on other browsers or email clients - it may look fantastic on the latest version, but what does it look like on the previous version and on other browsers/email clients? Do all the images display? Does the font size/type alter?

8. This Charming Man
Do you have permission to use all the images? You may have bought the image, but do you have permission to use it in electronic media?

9. Panic
Send a test mail and compare this back to what you set up and test the links, to be sure that nothing untoward has happened as your email flies through the ether

10. Stop Me If You Think Youve Heard This One Before
Use the professionals!

With apologies to The Smiths

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